Lauren Boebert

It prompted a hilariously awkward blast from the not-too-distant past.
The Colorado representative was also diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome and is expected to make a full recovery.
Audio depicts the recently retired House Republican taking a swipe at Boebert during a local Rotary Club meeting.
The far-right Republican's hot take on the president backfired.
The far-right lawmaker’s pic goes under the microscope on social media.
Boebert said she "can't wait for the ribbon cuttings," but failed to mention that she didn't actually vote for the bill that brought the money to her district.
Lauren Boebert is one candidate in a mad scramble to succeed Buck in Colorado's fourth district.
Boebert is currently running to represent Colorado's 4th congressional district.
The Colorado Republican said the arrest of Tyler Jay Boebert "breaks my heart," but he "will take responsibility for his actions."