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“It's almost Hitler-esque in a way," Sarah Matthews told MSNBC's Jen Psaki.
"Past Lives," "American Fiction" and "The Holdovers" landed some of this year's top accolades.
The New York attorney general is doing the math on what the former president owes.
The late-night comedian's crew pulled a "Debate and Switch" on fans of the former president.
Vigils took place across the nation for Oklahoma teenager Nex Benedict, who died the day after a fight in a high school bathroom.
First responders confirmed that the man is being hospitalized in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.
“This is science, Sunny,” Haines told her co-host of "The View."
Melody Hoffman’s Apple Watch helped investigators track her location — and showed the moment it stopped tracking her heartbeat.
The former president cruised to victory Saturday, handing Nikki Haley an embarrassing home-state loss and continuing his march to the nomination.
His remarks were in response to a question asked about anti-LGBTQ legislation and the Oklahoma nonbinary student who died earlier this month