A judge temporarily blocked state Attorney General Ken Paxton from forcing an LGBTQ+ advocacy group to hand over info on transgender children.
Anti-fat bias is prevalent throughout our society, from how we think about food and exercise to the words we say.
President Joe Biden called the announcement "an important milestone in ensuring access to mifepristone."
The agency is emphasizing that people should still try to prevent infections in the first place, by getting vaccinated, washing their hands, and bringing in more outdoor fresh air.
Reviewers are “gobsmacked” and “delighted” at its effectiveness.
The entertainment mogul joined the company's board of directors in 2015, reportedly losing 42 pounds while on the program.
The defensive end, who later played professionally, set the Wolverine record for consecutive games played.
Ever wondered: "Why do my legs shake after sex?" It's not just you.
Elizabeth Francis has lived through the Spanish Flu, two World Wars, the JFK assassination and COVID-19 pandemic.
An expert suggests trying these harnesses, braces and even cell phone holders.