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A senior U.S. official says Israel has essentially endorsed a framework of a proposed Gaza cease-fire and hostage release deal, and it is now up to Hamas to agree to it.
Times have changed since the 1950s.
The airdrop is expected to be the first of many announced by President Joe Biden on Friday.
The sinking comes as shipping through the crucial waterway for cargo and energy shipments moving from Asia and the Middle East to Europe has been affected by the Houthi attacks.
Biden said the air drops will begin in the “coming days.”
Russian authorities still haven’t announced the cause of death for Navalny.
The Princess of Wales returned home to Windsor last month after spending nearly two weeks in the hospital.
Gaza’s Health Ministry says at least 100 people were killed after Israeli troops fired on a crowd of Palestinians waiting for humanitarian aid.
Aaron Bushnell, who set himself on fire to protest U.S. support for Israel’s assault on Gaza, left savings to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, news outlets report.
The whales were not previously known to engage in same-sex copulation.