The cast members who dress up as Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters voted 953-258 in favor of unionizing.
The UAW had won a historic vote at a Volkswagen plant just last month, but the loss at Mercedes could hamper its organizing plans in the South.
Federico Kochlowski said he doesn't want the plant to unionize. A labor federation says the company is violating an agreement of neutrality.
Employees believe the retailer, known for its progressive image, is using "performance improvement plans" to force them out.
The Republican-backed measure strips economic development incentives from companies that voluntarily recognize unions. It could face a court challenge.
The embattled aircraft manufacturer is at odds with the firefighters' union over a new contract. The union calls the lockout a safety risk.
The judge ordered the grocer to pay the union’s legal fees after it tried to claim the union had violated its trademarks.
Union activists want to lay the groundwork for large-scale strikes in 2028. That'll require planning now.
The United Auto Workers union has struggled for years to organize foreign-owned automakers in the South. Workers say this time feels different.