Roe v. Wade

"I just don’t feel comfortable until things change," the "Uncut Gems" actor said of her decision to remain celibate.
Some 6.7 million Black women between ages 15-49 live in states where abortion access restrictions could be in place.
“I continue to believe this case was wrongly decided, and there are issues that merit additional judicial review,” the state's attorney general said.
The figure is surprising, given that Donald Trump has repeatedly taken credit for repealing federal abortion protections.
A proposal in Oklahoma would have allowed the state to create a database of abortion patients. It's been revised, but how was the original language ever OK?
Once an outlier among U.S. institutions, the court's "special status has evaporated," researchers said.
Birth control is a big argument for Johnny and Amy on "Love is Blind." He urges her to get on it, but a future where Johnny could take hormonal birth control himself isn't far off.
The ruling is "outrageous and unacceptable," President Joe Biden said.
In a theology-heavy ruling, the Alabama Supreme Court will allow a couple to sue for the "wrongful death" of their frozen embryos obtained through IVF.