New York

Holtec International says a state statute blocking routine water releases from Indian Point violates federal law.
Hundreds of young dancers in white tutus and tightly coiffed hair gathered in New York’s Plaza Hotel to break the world record for dancing on pointe in one place.
Jaylen Griffin's remains were found in an apartment house about five miles from where he was last seen in 2020.
Trump says the trial amounts to "election interference," but here's how the system is working to make sure he gets a fair shake.
The team brilliantly resurrected a famous fictional character to lure the superstar, but he went elsewhere.
Donald Trump has visited New York’s Harlem neighborhood after spending his second day in a lower Manhattan courtroom as a criminal defendant.
"The Daily Show" correspondent tried logic on some of the ex-president's fans. He didn't get very far.
The iconic singer's landmark performance was cut off at the exact wrong time -- and viewers are livid.
The ex-president's first criminal trial — the first for any president — kicks off with jury selection on Monday morning.
The legendary New Yorker was a HOT 97 regular for more than 20 years.