Middle East

The court's order has deepened a disconnect with the U.S. over Israel's military operation in Gaza that faces mounting international condemnation.
Thousands gathered in Tel Aviv to protest the Israeli government and call for the release of hostages still being held by Hamas and for a cease-fire in Gaza.
Footage from the scene shows heavy destruction and burned corpses in the so-called "safe zone" as many others remain trapped in flaming debris.
Humanitarian groups are scrambling to get food to Palestinians as some 900,000 people flee Rafah, scattering across central and southern Gaza.
The comedian prompted cheers with his comments on the Israel-Hamas war during an Abu Dhabi performance.
While Israel is unlikely to comply with any such order, it will ratchet up the pressure on?the increasingly isolated country.
“This will be a timely and I think a very strong show of support to the Israeli government in their time of greatest need,” the Republican said.
The police chief at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been reassigned amid criticism of his handling of campus demonstrations.
“We cannot only apply international law when it is convenient,” the progressive senator said about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over actions in Gaza.
In Jerusalem, meanwhile, a far-right government minister paid a provocative visit to a flashpoint holy site sacred to Jews and Muslims.