Michael Steele

The former head of the Republican National Committee had some sarcastic advice for the former president.
Michael Steele ended a withering post about the former president with two snarky words.
Michael Steele slammed the GOP presidential candidate just days before his first criminal trial.
“I don’t think people really appreciate exactly what we are going to be in for,” said Michael Steele.
The former attorney to Trump called him "the single most dangerous thing" to national security.
Michael Steele called the former president "the biggest RINO" after his rally remarks over the weekend.
Michael Steele said the former president’s comments reminded him of “some 1950s redneck.”
"If you want to know what Trump campaign staffers think about you, just watch Fox News," Michael Steele said.
Michael Steele gave Donald Trump's daughter-in-law "a little bit of training."
Michael Steele asked why some voters don't just get what the former president is about.