Kamala Harris

"Whatever story they tell, let us be clear, Russia is responsible," Vice President Kamala Harris said.
Vice President Kamala Harris is slamming the special counsel's report into President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.
The conversation has "firmly shifted" even further toward the vice president, argued Scott Jennings.
The campaign denied allegations of Islamophobia, saying one of the women had disrupted past Democratic campaign events.
Officials were able to trace the man's IP address after obtaining user data from X.
Harris’ renewed focus on abortion rights remarks come as part of Biden’s presidential campaign strategy, which is set to ramp up this week.
A new ad and events from Biden and Harris signal a new focus for the campaign.
The vice president explained why she wasn’t letting fear get the best of her during a recent appearance on “The View.”
“It is language that is meant to divide. It is language that I think people have rightly found similar to the language of Hitler,” Harris said.
The senator, a Louisiana Republican, got personal in insulting the vice president on Fox News.