Joe Biden

The senator said Friday that “this wholesale slaughter” of Palestinians "makes my stomach turn" and urged the U.S. to stop funding it.
The New York Times/Siena College survey showed that 47% of respondents "strongly disapprove" of President Joe Biden's handling of his job.
The airdrop is expected to be the first of many announced by President Joe Biden on Friday.
Biden said the air drops will begin in the “coming days.”
The GOP says the Justice Department only investigated Alexander Smirnov’s bribe allegation after it became public and implicated the Biden family.
Jessica Tarlov corrected her conservative co-hosts in one opening sentence.
It’s become a pervasive theory on the right that Biden won’t end up with his party’s nomination, but some of the alternatives don’t make much sense.
Rep. Robert Garcia went after GOP lawmakers for their "political stunt" and "joke" impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.
“This has gone on for far too long without sufficient action," Sen. Chris Van Hollen said.
The president stopped short of condemning Israel for killing over 100 starving Palestinians, and walked back his estimated Monday deadline for a truce.