2024 Elections

The campaigns of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have worried that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., running as an independent, will pull voters from their side.
Key committees advanced legislation to change the state’s ballot certification deadline after the state’s GOP Secretary of State warned Biden may miss it.
Since 2016, the coup-attempting former president has collected more than $1.5 billion from donors giving $50, $20 or even just $5 at a time.
Both Democrats and Republicans worry that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent candidacy could spoil their respective presumptive nominee's campaigns.
"Don't say you weren't warned," said Hasan, who used Trump's own words, and those of his allies, to set the ominous scene.
It showed the then-president "was very, very concerned," said the conservative attorney.
The far-right Republican was accused of trying to destroy the GOP.
Election administration used to be a “sleepy industry.” Now, officials are building ventilated mail rooms and training for crises.
Christine Cornell detailed the former president's comportment in court.