Authorities said they believe Madeline Soto was killed Monday, on the morning of her disappearance.
Detectives in Michigan are investigating the woman's disappearance to determine if human trafficking is involved.
The father pleaded not guilty to allegations he slipped a depressant into the smoothies of his child's 12-year-old friends.
Brandon Fellows lit up a joint in a senator's office while a mob trashed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
The Connecticut woman was accused of helping her boyfriend, Fotis Dulos, plan and cover up the killing of his estranged wife in 2019.
Kevin Monahan, 66, was scolded by the judge for showing no remorse and lying about last year's shooting that took the life of Kaylin Gillis.
Detectives took seven suspects responsible for the murder into custody within 48 hours of the investigation.
Florida authorities arrested the last person who saw Madeline Soto after they found contents on his phone depicting criminal sexual acts that took place at the family home.
Prosecutors said the gunman fatally shot four family members, then killed the youngest, age 10, by setting the home ablaze.
The victim's older brother found the body decomposing and covered in maggots.