The 900-person company says it will instead put "more emphasis on our social channels."
Work long enough and you'll get this clichéd advice. But it has an insidious message.
The "Get Laid Off With Me" videos are popular, but they may have some legal repercussions.
The layoffs at EMILY’s List led to criticism of the former labor leader.
On the heels of a much larger round of layoffs, the group that recruited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let go of three more people this week.
One employee said, “the rank and file journalists are getting let go” as “the sacrificial lambs” — while “upper management are sitting pretty.”
The HBO show is hitting way too close to home with the mass layoffs in tech, media and entertainment.
The Fox News host appeared to find unemployment hilarious as the Twitter CEO explained why he slashed staff.
There are, however, still shortages of workers to fill service jobs, such as those at McDonald's restaurants.
Too often, parents share too little or too much.