Reviewers Call This Famous Mop-Vac The ‘Greatest Invention Known To Mankind’ — And It’s $100 Off

This cordless smart vacuum doubles as a mop, and reviewers have achieved jaw-dropping results.
The Tineco Floor One S3 is self-propelled and self-cleaning.
The Tineco Floor One S3 is self-propelled and self-cleaning.

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Even if you’re not on TikTok, you might have heard about the legendary Tineco cordless vacuum-mop that has been going viral on the app for what seems like its entire existence. It’s a breezy little gadget that, on one of its most viewed videos, powers through a blob of mustard in just one pass.

“The best purchase I made in my whole life is my Tineco,” one TikTok user responded. “Every time I use it I’m still amazed.”

Former HuffPost senior editor Janie Campbell was even convinced to buy a Tineco herself (an earlier iFloor model similar to this one) and confidently claimed that “it was worth the money.” Now, a smart version with gorgeously updated features known as the Tineco Floor One S3 is on big-time sale right now at Amazon for 25% off.

Here’s how the Tineco vacuum mop works: There’s a clean water tank and a dirty water tank, and the machine vacuums as a mop roller head uses the clean water to scrub and polish your floor. The vacuum not only hoovers up dirt, but also sucks up the dirty water left from the mopping process. This is a huge advantage over most wiping robot mops, which scrub well enough but don’t actually remove dirty water.

Campbell previously wrote that she was also shocked at how lightweight and maneuverable the Tineco is. She claimed that the self-propelling feature means it’s very easy for most people to use and never makes her wrist ache or feels heavy to guide around. And thanks to this version’s enhanced brush head design, even baseboards get clean as you run the Tineco along the floor’s edge.

“And although you do need to rinse certain parts after each use, that isn’t laborious or difficult, either (it takes about one whole minute). The Tineco even performs a self-cleaning process on the mop head. I was extremely skeptical about that part of the process, but it left the roller looking like it’d never even been used before,” Campbell said.

This version also features the brand’s proprietary smart sensor technology, which essentially automatically adjusts the vacuum-mop’s level of suction, water floor and brush roller speed depending on the surface and mess you’re cleaning. In terms of runtime, the Tineco gives you up to a solid 35 minutes of operation per charge.

It may be worth your while to pick up this souped-up Tineco now while it’s on sale, but if you need more convincing, you can also take a peek at some promising reviews from happy Tineco customers down below.

Promising Amazon reviews:

Greatest invention known to mankind. Guys, if you are on the fence on whether to buy this or not (especially with the price) just DO IT. I have been eyeing wet vacuums/mops for almost 4 years now, but could never justify spending the money. I finally took the plunge when it was $150 off for Black Friday and it was worth every penny.

We have three pets; two long haired dogs, a cat, and a toddler. Combine the three of those in a smaller home and it’s a recipe for hair, dirt, and heaven knows what else everywhere. I use this vacuum every other day and I have never had such clean floors in my life. It 100% stands up to the pet hair (and we get a lot of it) and the mud and mess all of our “kids” track in. Our entire home has hardwood flooring and I use it everywhere with no issues.

It has 2 modes. An auto mode where it detects mess and will turn up the suction and water/roller setting if it detects mess or debris, and a max mode. In Max mode it uses the highest water, suction and roller setting. This does cause the clean water tank to be used quickly, but this is really only used when there is a big mess or a hard to scrub area.

I find the suction to work great. I don’t sweep beforehand so it gets ALL the debris. I do pick up anything large that I find and don’t try to vacuum that up (think the size of a piece of popcorn) so I haven’t tested that out, but I don’t think something that size would fit in the suction port by the roller. The front will leave a tiny space where it doesn’t get along the edges, but I just turn and run the side along the walls. When I do it that way I get a much tighter clean against the walls and it picks everything up no problem from the side.

I think it does just fine getting more stuck on messes off the floor. If it doesn’t get it the first time, I just go over it slowly multiple times and even use my foot to put slight pressure on the roller. Works like a charm.

You will need to remove some larger debris (like large chunks of pet hair) off of the roller when you’ve finished cleaning if it is too big to be suctioned up into the dirty water tank, BUT the self cleaning cycle does an amazing job of cleaning the mop. I only have to remove slightly larger debris every couple uses after the self cleaning cycle.

To me the only small con is how small the cleaning solution bottle is and how expensive it is. I ran out of it, and have just been using water to clean my floors which works fine. If I notice a slight odor to the dirty water tank or roller, I just add a tablespoon of vinegar to the clean water tank and it removes the odor completely. I wouldn’t use anything other than vinegar or the original cleaning solution (it specifically says not to use any OTHER cleaner than the provided cleaning solution) because I would be worried about build up in the internal system.

All in all, it was 100% worth the money. I have 0 complaints and find it so “fun” to use! Definitely get a dopamine rush every time I use it.” — J&J

“I saw this on Tiktok and dragged my feet on buying it because of the price tag (also my husband was convinced that our swiffer steamer was doing a great job). Finally bought it because my daughter is crawling all around the house now and I am SO glad that I did!! My hardwood floors looked clean but my Tineco is STILL picking up lots of dirt after multiple laps.
This is super lightweight and wireless so mopping is easy and kinda fun. The water tank is small but I can typically mop 2 rooms before refilling it and it takes seconds to refill and empty the dirty water tank. Doesn’t leave streaks and dries quick. The battery does die pretty fast but I can mop my whole upstairs on one battery, then it takes about 4 hours to charge (the only con to this thing for me, because I just want to keep cleaning!). I clean mine after every use, each piece is easy to clean and its not too time consuming. There is also a self clean function (I usually run it twice).
Overall, just based on how quick and thoroughly this thing cleans my floor, better than ANY mop or scrub brush I have ever used, I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially if you have hardwood floors because this really deep cleans all the crevices. A must have if you have little ones at home. If you’re on the fence about it, just buy it! My only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner.
Hope this helps!” — Lyla Mae

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