Just 47 Products To Help With Those Gross And Annoying Body Things You Can't Control

Because you actually can't stop your body from just randomly breaking out, growing body hair in unwanted places, etc. But these products can help.

Popular items from this list include:

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O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream
Promising review: "My hands suffer every winter with not only dryness, but also cracking around the fingertips. I've tried many creams, lotions and paint on products that would work temporarily, if at all. I saw a commercial for O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream and read many, many reviews on the the product. I've tried it and all I can say is that it's a miracle. The dryness has left my hands and my fingertips are well on the way towards healing....and this is after only two days of use. I wish I had found it years ago. It would have saved me lots of pain, agony and money." — Desert D.
A pack of Mighty Patches
Promising review: "These patches are great for white heads. I personally put these on right after I wash my face and let my skin dry. The patch will absorb the gunk from your blemish preventing the bacteria from spreading to other parts of the skin. These speed up the healing process as well. They stick very well but only to clean and dry skin. They come off easily when you need them to without causing any discomfort. I always need to have these on hand!" — Tristan Schultz
Or these larger Mighty Patches
Each strip is 2 inches long and can be cut into smaller sizes if necessary.

Promising review: "Amazing! I was using a number of little patches on large areas and they just didn’t work that well. I put this patch on my chin and left it over night and was extremely pleased with the results. I had two little pimples and a bunch of hard-to-get blackheads. My chin has never been more clear. It basically feels like those clear waterproof Band-Aids so it did not slide off during the night. I was so surprised and a little grossed out that so much gunk was in my chin. I highly recommend these patches!" — Erin Brown
Medicated, waterproof bandages
Promising review: "More than six years with a large, sometimes painful plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. The doctor tried freezing. I tried apple cider vinegar, aspirin, freezing at home, over and over again...nothing worked. Never showing the bottom of my feet, refusing to get a pedicure with the girls, and so, so embarrassed...It felt like I was doomed to have it for forever; it was resistant to everything. Literally six years of fighting it and on a whim tried these because of the good reviews. ONE APPLICATION. I wore the bandage overnight. I didn’t think it did anything, but a few days later the wart just came off. I know it’s silly to be so emotional over a stupid wart, but I’m telling you, I nearly cried. I’ve never been so happy with a product in my life. Highly, highly recommend giving these a try if you’ve got stubborn plantar warts." — Liz Dube
A top-rated, alcohol-free oral rinse
Pour a capful, swish and gargle for 30 seconds, after you've finished brushing your teeth in the morning and at night.

Promising review: "I'm actually a dentist who often has bad breath, which is not a good combination. My oral hygiene is great (tongue scraping, brushing, flossing, etc.), but I have allergies and constantly have a bit of post-nasal drip, which contributes to the bad breath. While this stuff isn't perfect, and my breath doesn't stay fresh all day, it is definitely the longest-lasting product I have tried so far. It is the first thing I have tried that still gives me that minty feeling when I breathe deep 4–6 hours after using it. I've found that gargling and using the TheraBreath throat spray in addition to rinsing with this have greatly improved my breath. Will definitely be buying again." — Alex
A heat-activated anti-frizz treatment
The short version: it works like an keratin treatment.

Promising review: This product is incredible — just WOW. In all my years of existence, I was never able to tame my naturally curly hair into a sleek, silky, frizz-free look, until now. I l don't know what kind of magical sorcery went into making this product, but this stuff is amazing. — Lillee45
An earwax removal kit
I've been using this stuff for almost a decade, and I'm v v v excited people are finally getting hip and talking about it! I used to have horribly waxy ears and I was prone to ear infections as an adult, so I wanted to make sure my ears were as clear as possible, all the time. Ever since I started using this — which, the first time the crackling of the solution and the wax in your ear may startle you, but it's normal — my ears have been practically wax-free, to the point where even my doctors are impressed! If you don't believe me, just check out the customer reviews to see the GOBS of earwax being removed from people's ear canals. ?

Promising review: "I knew I had earwax build up problems when my hearing would randomly become muffled and wouldn't unblock for 2–3 days. I started applying the drops twice daily with a warm water bulb flush once a day. The first day only a little bit of wax came out but the ear wax build up was dissolving. The second day, after I applied the drops, my right ear was muffled the entire day but when I did the ear bulb flush, a ton of wax came out and my hearing was restored. I continued the treatment for both ears and by the third day, my left ear was cleared of most of the ear wax as well. By the fourth day, all of the built up ear wax was cleared out and my ears were no longer itchy or muffled. These drops are amazing and worked way better than I expected as I thought it'd help get rid of some wax, but that I would need to go to the doctor to get the rest out. Trust the process and continue using the solution for the recommended four days; it works!" — RnG
Some Sevích hairline shadow
It's also cruelty-free and contains nontoxic plant fibers and beeswax so it's safe to use on your scalp and skin!

Promising review: "My hair is thinning on top and at the crown and this powder is just what I need. A few dabs along the part and at my crown and it dims down the shining scalp and makes my bald spots much less obvious. It doesn’t rub off easily and is sprinkle-proof. I got caught in the rain and it had no effect on it, yet it washed off easily. I used it on my eyebrows with a stiff angled brow brush and it worked GREAT, too! My hairdresser used this on me and advised me as to the color. I have medium ash brown with grey hair so she advised the gray (I got the darker gray) and even though I thought it kinda looked dark in the pot, it was perfect for me. If you have a problem with thinning hair and want a quick, inexpensive hack, this is your product." — D. Kauble
Handmade Heroes Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub
Promising review: "I absolutely love my scrub. It did exactly what it is supposed to, exfoliate my lips. It is unscented, except from the natural coconut from the oil. I highly recommend this. The packaging is super cute too. A bit larger than I was expecting, so bonus. ?" — Amazon customer
A must-have and infinitely washable face roller
Promising review: "I have super oily skin and am always looking for something to help control it during the day. The linen squares are good but you have to keep them around (aka keep replacing them) and they end up in the landfill. This little contraption really works and I just rinse it at the end of the day and start over again the next. I keep one in my desk and bought a second for my purse. This is magic for my shiny skin, especially on camera in my hours of Zoom everyday." — Jennifer Helseth
Or these blotting papers
Promising review: "I have been using these for over one year, and they are by far the best oil blotting sheets I have ever used. The biggest plus is that they do not smudge my makeup at all, so no touch-ups are needed after using. They are super absorbent, and I can blot my entire face with one sheet. I have them on a monthly subscription, and they are worth every penny. Highly recommend!" — AKRP2380
The Stila One-Step Color-Correcting Facial Serum
The reviewer above used this facial serum to cover up a bad sunburn!

Promising review: "I think this is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it to anyone who fights facial redness. I sometimes wear it alone, but under cream foundation and light powder it works even better. I was totally amazed at how much it evened out my skin tone! And honestly I didn't think it could be done." — Chris
A nail strengthening cream
Promising review: "My natural nails are thin and brittle, and have a tendency to split, peel, and break. Consequently, I wore acrylic nails for several years until I got tired of leaving so much money at the nail salon. When I soaked off the acrylics, my nails were, of course, worse than ever, and nothing I tried seemed to restore them to even their original condition until I found Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream. I rub this into my cuticles and nail beds several time a day and after two months my nails are hard and much thicker with no breaking or splitting. For the first time since I took off the acrylics, my nails are growing past my fingertips. This cream is a keeper, just ordered my second jar and I'll never again be without it." — M. Hill
A foot file
Promising review: "AMAZING!!! Seriously beyond impressed with this product. I've never had dry or cracked heels until recently, and I've tried everything I could find to get rid of them. This is all you need!!! I literally opened the box and did this in less than a minute! I'll never use anything else! Even better than professional pedicures!!!" — Kyla Jackson
Plus, a professional-grade callus-removing gel
Promising review: "Best foot callus remover I have ever used! I read a lot of the reviews before purchasing this product. Most callus removers I have purchased in the past were not very effective. So I was encouraged by the reviews. I saw that a lot of reviewers mentioned to be very careful not to leave it on longer than three or four minutes. My feet were the softest they have ever been. Love love love." — Cheri whisker
An anti-chafe balm
Promising review: "This stuff really is awesome. It really works and I don't know where it has been all my life. I started looking for something for thigh chafing after running into a few issues (not fun). It is super easy to use, just slide it on like you'd use deodorant." — SweetPea
Tame the Beast
An anti-chafing lotion
Promising reviews: "This product is AMAZING, and that's an understatement. Throughout the years I've tried out every product out there, from generic powders to corn starch and so called advanced formulas. All of those worsened the situation between in my groin and gave me a rash. The Nutt Butter keeps my scrotum, butt crack, and thighs rash-free and comfortable when I sweat. I work in a warehouse being on my feet and running around eight hours a day. With the Nutt Butter, my groin area no longer sweats, no longer stinks, and is smooth and comfortable. This is a fantastic product. Worth every penny despite its high price." — L Bick

"I’m a mailman who walks 12 miles a day in all sorts of weather and this product is the best thing I’ve found for chafing in 20 years." — Shawn March
A wildly popular Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo
The brand recommends using it every three to four days for up to eight weeks for best results.

Promising review: "For so many years I couldn't wear black, would have to dust my chair off, and was constantly moisturizing my nose and face. One day, a doctor friend suggested I try this out for my nose, she didn't know I suffered with severe dandruff as well. She then told me to use it on my scalp as well. At first it did nothing. Then magically after say, the third week of using this off and on, I noticed a difference. I now have almost zero dandruff, 10,000 percentbetter and I no longer have a dry flaky nose, brow, or beard area. My face is no longer red as well. This has been a miracle cure for me. One I take for granted but quickly remember when I put on a black shirt or check my chair for an embarrassing snow storm. Try it!!!" — Grumpy Dad
An octopus-shaped blackhead-removing stick
Promising review: "After just two days of use, this adorable little octopus has done wonders for me; smells great too. Here's how I used it: I wore down the stick just a little to where the texture from the salt is visible, scrubbed around on my face so there was plenty of product, then I used my fingers to gently massage all the gunk away. Rinse, pat dry, and enjoy the softness. Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin like me." — LuckLocust
A CeraVe salicylic acid body wash
Promising review: "My 6-year-old daughter has keratosis pilaris, commonly known as 'chicken skin.' This year it really flared up during warm weather so I gave this wash along with lotion a try. Wow, I saw results after just a few uses and after a couple of weeks most of her bumps disappeared. Thrilled we skipped a trip to the dermatologist! Can’t beat this price for the results either." — Ashley Steigerwald
A pair of Bambody period undies
Also, the leakproof layer is PFA-free — learn more about that testing here.

Promising reviews: "滨’惫别 tried these, Hanes, Thinx, and Victoria’s Secret period underwear. These are, by far, the best and most comfortable. I use them for leak protection, overnight, and on light days. I ordered one size up from my usual size." — Victoria

"These are the best period underwear I’ve found so far. I’ve tried Thinx, ModiBodi and Knix. These are the combination of most absorbent, soft, and quickest to dry." — Amazon customer
A nose hair wax kit
The kit includes 100 grams of nose wax beads, 30 wax applicators, 10 mustache protectors, a measuring cup, and 15 paper cups.

Promising review: "I highly recommend this product. The instructions were super easy to follow, and it worked perfectly! I was a little nervous to pull the sticks out once the two minutes were up; however, it didn't even hurt. I expected it to hurt momentarily and my eyes to water, but neither was true! If you wanna get rid of them pesky nose hairs...snag this product!!!" — Julie J.
A bottle of Bio-Oil
Promising reviews: "AMAZING PRODUCT! I am amazed! I wash my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser while in the shower, and immediately after getting out of the shower put BioOil on my skin. That is all I do. I do have a spot treatment from Neutrogena with 10% maximum-strength benzoyl peroxide for those SUPER STUBBORN pimples, but hardly use it since starting with BioOil. I will forever use this product and recommend when I can. I have olive-toned, freckled, medium to dry skin with oily nose and forehead, adult hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation. BioOil has given me a literal GLOW! I feel confident with my face again. I hardly leave reviews, but this product deserves it! Good luck on your healthy skin journey." — Amazon customer

"Bio-Oil is the BEST skin product on the market. I use it twice a day, morning and before i go to bed. Small lines have disappeared. My skin is very smooth and seems to glow. A doctor recommended this to one of my friends who told me about it. I have bought several bottles as gifts. Be patient. It will take a few months for you to see notice the changes." – Amazon customer
A hair-finishing stick
Promising review: "I have super-fine hair with lots of breakage. No matter how I put my hair up I have bad flyaways. This stuff is great! So easy and it stays better and looks smoother than stiff hairspray." — Jill Stilfield
A nourishing strengthening edge gel infused with biotin
The gel can be applied with fingertips or a brush until the desired level of hold is achieved. BTW, you don't have to smooth down your edges unless you want to (trust me, I rarely do) — just check out this article on why laying your edges is never mandatory.

Promising review: "I like the light consistency of this edge control. It doesn’t take much and did the job I was looking for it to do. I didn’t have any issues with flaking or dryness. My hair texture is different since it's been growing back since chemotherapy so honestly it doesn't take much for it." — FitSisterP
The internet-sensation Squatty Potty
BTW, a bunch of reviewers with chronic constipation and other gastrointestinal issues swear by this game-changing stool!

Read more about constipation relief at home, including using a squatting position, at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "My constipation issues have gotten worse due to stress. This works. I felt a little odd elevating my feet and placing them on the Squatty Potty, but within no time, I was able to poop with ease. I definitely recommend this product for those who struggle with constipation." — Kale
A set of seamless bra liners
Promising review: "This is one of those things that I wish I'd found years earlier. I've suffered from mortifying stress-induced under-boob sweat for most of my adult life. Also, I'm a lifelong Seattle girl who gets upset when it's warmer than 65 degrees outside. So when I stumbled upon this product, I was curious enough to buy a small pack. And yes, I've come back for MORE! For real, I won't put on a bra without one of these liners now. It absorbs all the moisture from heat and stress. And because it's a really soft bamboo/cotton mix, my skin is finally not feeling tortured under there! To the makers of this ingenious life-changing product: thank you thank you thank you! Sincerely, all the grateful ta-tas you've helped to care for." — Niko
A stainless-steel tongue scraper
Promising review: "I never realized how much gunk was on my tongue in the mornings. Pretty disgusting actually. My mouth feels extra clean after using this. Great quality stainless steel. To sanitize it, I just dip it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. The only thing others may have an issue with is storage as it doesn't come with a case or anything. Simple solution, though. I put up a small hook next to my toothpaste and toothbrush and hang it on that." — Alexis T.
An itty-bitty toenail brace set
The kit comes with 10 toenail braces and the materials needed to apply it, including a nail file, solvent, and cotton swabs.

Promising review: "I never realized how curved my toenails were. I thought the pain I had was just normal and a fact of life. Only when I read about the Curve Correct product, did I realize that I had a major problem, and it could be resolved! Now I'm on the way to normal, flat toenails, that DON'T grow curved into my skin!" — Jamie H.
A tub of Vanicream Moisturizing Cream
Promising reviews: "Swear by this stuff for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin due to rosacea and skin allergies. My dermatologist recommended Vanicream Lite Lotion for my face. It was OK, but then I discovered this stuff — the moisturizing cream in the pump. The Vanicream Moisturizing Cream is fantastic — my rosacea is so much better since switching to this stuff. It keeps my sensitive skin happy and protected. I even use it during the summer months with no problems. Vanicream made a fantastic product!" — S

"Finally a moisturizer that doesn’t burn, sting, or irritate my skin. I’ve had super-sensitive skin all my life, especially on my face, and I am 46 years old. I have finally found the one lotion that doesn’t irritate my face. I am day two into using the cleanser and the moisturizer, and you have no idea how great it is for my face not to burn and turn bright red — just fantastic!!!! The moisturizer is a bit thick so you don’t need a lot; even though it’s a little higher priced it’ll last forever, and it’s worth it when you have super-sensitive skin. FAN FOR LIFE!!!" — Alisa Griffey
A set of bra strap extenders
Promising review: "These bra extenders are so easy to use and the best invention ever! I can’t believe I’m in my 50s and just finding these! They have saved me and my girls for sure! I don’t need to go up in size but I needed an extra eyelet worth of room! Very comfortable! I’d highly recommend! Thank you!" — Alli McCoy
An avocado heating pad
Promising review: "This little guy is amazing. Bought it for cramping and it’s so warm and comfy. It really helps relieve pain and has a nice light lavender scent (definitely not overpowering). Perfect little heating pad, and it’s cute, too!" — Kelsey
A gentle yet hardworking CeraVe eye cream
Promising review: "Noticeable overnight! This product exceeded my expectations with just one use — very fair sensitive skin, over 50 and wanted something affordable but healthy for my eye area starting to build puffiness and darkness. Just put the recommended dose on at nighttime and by morning I could see a noticeable reduction in puffiness. I am already adding this to my automatic subscription — great value and result!" — Roxy - Amazon customer
A stainless-steel blackhead spatuala
See it in action on TikTok here.

I got a facial a couple of years ago and I could tell something was different about my extractions, so I asked the aesthetician to write down the name of the product. I went home and immediately bought this! I LOVE IT. I love it more than any other skincare tool that I own. This thing gets gunk out like nothing I've ever tried before, and the first time I used it, I was absolutely disgusted. But I kept on using it. I don't have much acne, but I do have oily combination skin and visibly clogged pores, so this has been a lifesaver when I don't have time to visit an aesthetician. You have to use it while your face is still wet, so after washing your face or even using toner, and you just start scraping. Make sure you have a paper towel near (and maybe a camera) because you will be amazed and disgusted all at once, but you will literally never stop using. I use mine every other day to once a week if I'm having skincare issues, but it also does a great job with monthly use (it's just much grosser)! I follow mine up with Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 3 and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel!

Promising review: "Don't doubt it, a staple in skincare. I got this little device from a TikTok and decided to give it a try. I never knew I needed it until the first time I tried it. The vibrations magically bring up all the stubborn blackheads you can’t reach with just your fingers, especially if you have acrylics like me." — Paige Chaney
An antifungal body wash
Read more about tee tree oil: how it can help with athlete's foot from Mayo Clinic and jock itch from Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "This product has completely got rid of my embarrassing athlete's foot. I’ve been suffering from athlete's foot for over 5 years now. I’ve tried things here and there but nothing battled it as hard as this product. In just 3 months of using it once a day during my shower, it went away. If you're on the fence about which one to buy, do know this one works." — Jacqueline
A set of Sea Bands
Read more about acupressure and nausea at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Promising review: "These were awesome! My entire family suffers from motion sickness, especially carsickness. My little one gets sick in the car on a regular car ride through the city. So I knew that a long road trip was going to be a disaster. I was amazed at how well these bands worked for everyone! Not one single person complained about being sick for 12 hours in the car. I have suffered for decades and now I know better. I will never travel without mine again!" — 1SmartCookie
A set of reusable silicone Nippies
BuzzFeed Shopping editor Natalie Brown has tried these and raves: "I've worn them four or five times now, washing with hand soap and water afterward every time as directed, and they're exactly what I needed! It's simple: you stick 'em onto clean, dry, lotion-free skin, and they stay put and comfy for hours, even through moderate sweat. They've performed perfectly every time I've worn them: for day-long shopping excursions, outdoor parties, and for nights out dancing. They come in a small reusable storage box with two stiff plastic domes for them to sit on, so they'll stay perfectly intact and dust-free in your drawer and are easy to pack for travel. Oh and over 14,000 reviewers — like, five times the number of people in my high school graduating class — have rated them 5-stars on Amazon, so I know I'm not alone in my success with them!"

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE these stickies. Bras are so itchy, uncomfortable, and annoying. These are fantastic alternatives to provide a little comfort and they go with every outfit. You really can't go wrong with these stickies and I honestly wear them almost every day. I wash them with a little hand soap and water and the adhesive works every time. I had a pair before the new ones I just bought and I wore them pretty consistently for almost a year. I got my mom a pair too. These are such a great product! They are high quality too, and the case they come in is really nice. Can't recommend them enough!" — Emily
Skinergy Beauty
The Skinergy Skin BHavior Resurfacing Essence
Promising review: "WOW! Not even prescription acne medication has been able to control my acne and scarring the way this has. In addition, my skin looks brighter and smoother and almost glows! HIGHLY recommend this product!" — Maurylyne
A cradle cap comb
New parents, don't panic. Cradle cap — aka seborrheic dermatitis — is a very common dry scalp condition that affects infants.

Promising review: "The pictures posted here are legit. It makes removal so much easier and gives more consistent removal than my previous method of washcloths or just scratching the cradle cap off with my fingernails. It’s amazing and gross and wonderful. My babe doesn’t even flinch when I spend 10 minutes clearing his scalp of all the goo. It seems to be soothing to him. I just apply baby shampoo, then brush a little with the blue brush. Then I slowly start to comb in sections all in one direction. Then I go back and forth in different directions. It’s shocking the amount of dead skin that comes off. I’ve even used it successfully in his eyebrows (he gets some cradle cap there, too). This is a KEEPER!" — ZMomUtah
A bottle of signature Fur Oil
Promising reviews: "I am prone to ingrown hairs. I have VERY coarse pubic hair, and every time I shave, I get razor bumps and ingrown hairs as the hair starts to grow back. Very embarrassing. This has led me to lean more toward trimming that shaving. I decided to try to shave one more time — well, I used Nair and removed my pubic hair from my genital area. I used fur oil every day morning and night after the removal, and even as the hair grows back and beyond. I would also exfoliate the area about two to three times a week with a coffee scrub that I got on here. The hair has started to grow back with zero bumps or ingrown hairs. It has actually been over a month and still no issues. This has never happened to me before. I have never not removed hair down there and not had ingrown hairs and hair bumps. This is a new experience for me, and I am loving it. I have even removed hair again since then and still no problems. My only complaint is the size of the bottle, and the smell is so-so. It is a very small bottle for the price. I will continue to use this combination of products, though, because I know it works. I am satisfied." — In the know

"Recommended to me by my waxer. I was a little hesitant at first because it's pretty expensive, but I haven't had a single ingrown hair since using this oil. I am diligent on application of the oil, and it's been great. It lasts — I've been using it for about two months, and there's still a ton in the bottle." — Megan Harmeyer
A pack of multipurpose dermaplaning razors

Promising review: "I used to pay a professional to dermaplane my face once a month to remove the peach fuzz, which makes the makeup application more cumbersome. I searched for years for a home product to use to save money and time. This is the closest I have been able to get to professional dermaplaning in the convenience of my home, on my time/schedule, and at a fraction of the price. Love it!" — SEM1969
Or a facial hair trimmer
Promising review: "I am beside myself with this purchase!! I bought it hoping it would at least somewhat work, as so many don't. This is absolutely perfection! It works well, it's quiet, small, easy to take with you if you so desire and most importantly...IT WORKS!!! I'm a soon-to-be-65-year-old woman who has hair where I never did before, most annoying. This gets rid of it. I used it again a couple days later and what I am finding is that I need to use it less and less. Really cool!" — Sandy E'Bell
A travel-size Poo-Pourri
Promising review: "I like this spray. It smells really good and is small but great to put in your purse in case you go into someone house and use there bathroom and don't want to leave a smell. I love this brand so much I went online and got a bigger bottle. I would highly recommend it because it really works great." — kiarakewna
SweatBlock antiperspirant wipes
As always, this is a clinical-strength product, so make sure you do a spot test first (especially if you have sensitive skin)! And each box lasts two months!

Promising review: "For anyone who might be a skeptic, please allow me to put you at ease. If you have hyperhidrosis, meaning it can be 9 degrees outside and you're still sweating under your arms, this product has the potential to change your life. I would sweat THROUGH a sport coat before noon. Enter the Sweat Block product. I've had it for three weeks, and it is life-changing. I DO NOT sweat under my arms anymore. I'm still on the original box that I bought three weeks ago. I had to write a review after I was cleaning the garage today in 85-degree heat...I was sweating through my shirt on my back...BUT NOT MY UNDERARMS. It is amazing!" — Frosty McGee
A dermatologist-recommended antiperspirant hand lotion
Promising review: "滨’惫别 suffered with sweaty hands for all of my life. It’s an issue that has caused me embarrassment and anxiety where there should be neither. I’ve only just started using this lotion, but I can tell it’s making a difference. It definitely has a distinct drying effect and makes my hands feel smooth." — Gary
The cult-favorite Laneige lip sleeping mask
BuzzFeed Shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer uses this product, and here's what she has to say: "I use this lip mask all the time! If I have severely dry lips, I'll reach for my Aquaphor lip repair (also a holy grail), but for everyday use, this mask is great — I even use it in the daytime, too! The shine is pretty enough for Zoom meetings, too!"

Promising review: "BEST PURCHASE! I am pretty sure I have postpartum chapped/dry lips because of breastfeeding. I never had this issue of having to deal with chapped lips. I literally tried lip scrubs, balms, Vaseline even, and nothing worked, but I am gonna be honest, the first time I used this product, I literally saw instant results overnight! I know I can be on a little pricy side, but if you want to get your chapped/dry lips taken care of, PLEASE buy this product; it’s HANDS DOWN THE BEST!!!" — Abdullah S.
An acne-clearing lotion
Read more about tea tree oil: how it can help with acne from Mayo Clinic.

Promising review: "This product works, but takes time! I have really bad stubborn acne on my butt and thighs... this product did not clear them up right away, considering I have bad acne so that was to be expected. I am now on week three and am finally noticing a difference in the acne. It is actually mostly clear! if you are willing to wait for the results then this is a good product for you. I noticed if you stop using (which I did for a period of time) the acne does come back! So I would use for awhile after skin has healed as well. This is definitely needed for summer time! Thank you so much for making this product, seems to be the only thing that worked for me!" — Anonymous

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