First Gen Z Congressman Lays Bare A 'Damn Hypocrisy' Of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Maxwell Frost told the far-right Republican to "get out of here" in regard to remarks she made during a recent House Oversight Committee hearing.

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) on Wednesday took Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to task for hypocrisy during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Greene drew Frost’s ire after she repudiated white supremacists.

“It’s interesting to hear my colleague just now talk about disavowing white supremacists when, in 2022, she spoke at an event led by white supremacists and white nationalist Nick Fuentes,” said Frost, Generation Z’s first congressman.

“When asked about it, [Greene] doubled down on it and said, ‘We’re going to focus on people, not labels,’” the Democratic lawmaker continued, adding, “So get out of here with that damn hypocrisy.”

Watch the video here:

Conspiracy theory-peddling Greene spoke at the third annual America First Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, in 2022.

The event was organized by Nick Fuentes, an antisemite, racist, segregationist and Holocaust denier.

Following backlash to the appearance, Greene claimed she didn’t know of Fuentes’ opinions.

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