Marjorie Taylor Greene Causes Collective Spit-Take With 'If I Were President' Tweet

The far-right Georgia Republican's plan went awry.

Extremist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) tweeted about being president and received widespread mockery in response.

On Friday, Greene vowed, “If I were President right now,” she’d “rip the noose off American businesses & reward people who work” and “radically deregulate, incentivize, and build 100% confidence in our country’s businesses - large and small to unleash and rebuild the power of the American economy.”

In a second tweet, Greene boasted her actions “in a very short time” would see America “dominate the world’s economy and cripple our enemies ability to wage war against other countries.”

“Russia would be broke. China’s fake fragile economy would fail,” she wrote. “And hard working Americans would be wealthy, successful, & happy.”

Some critics slammed Greene’s posts for being very low on detail.

Others shuddered at the thought of the conspiracy theory-endorsing lawmaker, who was stripped of her House committee assignments over her violent rhetoric, one day moving into the White House.

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