Just 10 Kitchen Gadgets That Reviewers Say Make Cooking Fun

If you dread cooking, these items are actual game changers.
The 10-in-1 Always Pan, a veggie chopper and a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker.
Amazon, Our Place
The 10-in-1 Always Pan, a veggie chopper and a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker.

There are some who feel that time spent cooking is therapeutic, while others dread it. In either case, having a kitchen gadget that makes preparing a meal fun or enjoyable should be a welcome addition.

To fill this void in your nightly dinner routine, we combed the reviews of kitchen tools everywhere and found 10 different products with various claims to support their enjoyability.

Keep reading to find an herb-stripping tool that simplifies ingredient prep, a clever meat-mashing tool that your wrist will thank you for and a cooking blender that one reviewer said they “actually look forward to using.”

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A colorful set of Cuisinart knives
Each stainless knife in this 6-piece set from Cuisinart comes with a matching safety blade guard and has been finished with a colorful nonstick coating for easy slicing. The set includes a utility knife, two slicing knives, a chef's knife, a Santoku knife and one for paring.

Promising Amazon review: "These were a functional and fun addition to my kitchen. Each knife has it's intended use, and they work excellently to that end. The handles are comfortable and do not slip in my large hand. The blades are sharp and of good quality. I would definitely buy these again!" — Adam
Our Place
A 10-in-1 Always Pan
Meant to do the job of 10 pieces of traditional cookware, the Always Pan is made from an exclusive nonstick ceramic coating and is capable of braising, searing, steaming, straining, sauteing, frying, storing and more. The fact that it comes in a selection of ultra-displayable colors doesn't hurt, either.

Promising Our Place reviews: "Love our new pan. Easy to use and easy to clean. Makes cooking a lot more fun." — Hollie Z.

"The Always Pan is a game-changer! It's not only beautifully designed but also incredibly functional. The non-stick surface is a dream to cook with and clean. Plus, the modular design and thoughtful features make it versatile and convenient. Highly recommend this pan for anyone looking to simplify their cooking experience and add style to their kitchen!" — Parlin S.
A hot and cold cooking blender
If mealtime calls for a silky smooth purée, a piping hot soup or a protein-packed smoothie, this hot and cold blender from Ninja has you covered. It features a heat-safe borosilicate glass pitcher, 12 intelligent and customizable settings and an 800-watt heating element that can cook soups or sauces at the same time as it blends for a simple one-step process.

Promising Amazon review: "I would definitely recommend this. It has a ton of power and a lot settings, heats up really fast and even has a self cleaning feature. I love it. Thank you again for making great products that I actually look forward to using."Brettstewart
A breakfast sandwich maker
Hamilton Beach's electric sandwich maker promises you a fresh and custom-made breakfast sandwich in just four easy steps and all with one appliance. Each nonstick cooking layer is removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and allows you to prepare an egg directly in a designated egg pan.

Promising Amazon review: "I bought this as a gift when I saw it advertised on Facebook and thought my 86 yr old mom would enjoy it. It may have been one of the best Mother's Day gifts I ever got her. Take the pre cooked sausage out of the freezer the night before and in the morning you're all set to go and eating a hot delicious sandwich five min. later. It was actually fun to use, and I think the more it is used the easier it will be to prepare. Thank you Hamilton Beach." — Kim
A nonstick mashing tool
If breaking up ground beef in your pan for taco night is wearing your wrist out, let this clever meat-mashing tool do the work for you. It's made of BPA-free and heat-resistant nylon that's also nonstick and dishwasher-safe. The five non-serrated blades are also great for breaking up softer cooked vegetables, making mashed potatoes or shredding chicken breast and won't damage the bottoms of your pots or pans.

Promising Amazon review: "Since I cook a lot with ground beef I got myself this utensil. I used to break down the meat with the same wooden spatula or spoon I used for stirring but it was a task I kind of dreaded. This tool makes it faster and more fun. It is sturdy, resists high sauté temperature and I can just throw it into the dishwasher right after using it. Is it necessary? No, but it makes my life better." — delasoupus

An herb-stripper and chopper
This helpful tool takes the onerous task of plucking herb leaves from their stems into quick work by simply feeding your fresh herb through one of the nine various-sized holes. It's made from food-grade stainless steel and can be used for stripping things like kale, cilantro, thyme and rosemary. At the base of the tool, there's also a built-in blade meant to finely chop your fresh herbs so they're ready to be added to your dish.

Promising Amazon review: "So much fun and easy to use. It has a lot of sizes. It also has a chopper blade with safety cover. Makes cooking with fresh herbs more fun!" — LK
Gracula: A garlic crusher and peeler
Why have a regular garlic crusher when you can have this adorable little tool that transforms entire peeled or unpeeled cloves of garlic into perfectly crushed goodness in just a matter of seconds? The Gracula is a grinder-style crusher that can mince not just garlic, but ingredients like ginger and chilis with just a few twists. Its BPA-free, food-safe construction also means it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Promising Amazon review: "Could you spend half the amount for a plain garlic crusher that does the exact same thing? Sure. Would it be as fun as having a lil' Dracula sitting on your counter? Absolutely not." — Nancy
Uncommon Goods
An automatic stirrer
Never break a butter sauce again or let a creamy purée go lumpy thanks to this automatic stirrer that continually mixes contents for you. The stirrer offers a timer function, multiple settings and comes available in either a battery-powered or rechargeable option which lasts up to nine hours per charge.

Promising Uncommon Goods review: "This gadget is by far the strangest in my collection (it's basically a vibrator with feet) and it's an immediate favorite. The kitchen is so much more fun when you're not stuck stirring. I'm going to buy one for every chef on my list." — Allison
A 4-in-1 chopping tool
I think most people would agree that the least enjoyable aspect of cooking is the slicing, dicing and chopping of all the essential ingredients. This BPA-free chopping tool makes hovering over a cutting board a thing of the past thanks to its versatile collection of attachments, which include everything from a spiralizer to a dicer to a blade that promises not to squish ripe tomatoes.

Promising Amazon review: " I can’t believe how great this thing is. Easy to use. Easy to clean. I’ve used it about five times so I hope it lasts but so far 11/10. Now I’m eating more veggies because it’s so satisfying to chop." — Kellie Rowe
A corn cob peeler
There's few kitchen tasks more daunting (and potentially dangerous) than trying to cut away corn kernels from the cob. This compact, Y-shaped peeler is made with Japanese stainless steel blades and an ergonomic handle to safely and swiftly peel away kernels so you can have fresh corn whenever you want.

Promising Amazon review: "Okay, I've been using a knife for many years to cut corn off the cob and it works just fine. But this gadget is so efficient that I was stunned by the difference. For my first few passes on a tough ear of corn I didn't even notice that the blade was covered by a piece of plastic meant to be removed. Still cut so smoothly, without corn flying all over the counter. Works even better without it! I could live without this gadget, but I will definitely make lots more corn recipes this summer now that I have it. It is a joy to have the exact right tool for the job." — M. Baird

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