Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Trump Voters Into Revealing What They Really Think About Trump

The late-night comedian’s crew pulled a “Debate and Switch” on fans of the former president.

Jimmy Kimmel exposed the hypocrisy of some Donald Trump fans in South Carolina with his “Debate and Switch” segment.

“We asked people who identified themselves as supporters of Donald Trump for their take on some of Joe Biden’s more controversial actions and quotes. But what we didn’t tell them, at first, is that what we said wasn’t from Joe Biden. It was actually from Donald Trump,” the late-night host teed up the clip on Friday.

Kimmel’s crew asked Trump voters for their views on Biden’s (but actually Trump’s) suggestion that COVID could be cured with bright lights being shone inside the body, that not catching HIV in the 1980s was his personal Vietnam and more.

They each predictably slammed the current president.

But they had a wildly different opinion upon learning that Republican 2024 front-runner Trump ― and not Biden ― had actually done those things.

Watch the video here:

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