40 Fun Products For Anyone Determined To Be Less Boring In 2024

2024 is the year you put this "s'mores seasoning blend" on approximately everything.
A retro radio tissue box cover, a multidimensional highlighter, an Angry Mama microwave cleaner and a set of strawberry-shaped candles.
Amazon, Sephora
A retro radio tissue box cover, a multidimensional highlighter, an Angry Mama microwave cleaner and a set of strawberry-shaped candles.

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A set of 12 vinyl coasters
Promising review: "I absolutely adore these!!! They are so cute and definitely do the job! They keep the surface free from water rings and make me giggle!" — johnny williams
A set of cat-themed tarot cards
Promising review: "I'm new to tarot, so I grabbed some cute looking cards that promised a guidebook. I love the artwork that the artist has done and I like their take on some of the cards. Helps the meaning stick a bit more (at least in my semi cat obsessed mind). All the cards have a lot of detail to them. I've shown three major arcana and four minor arcana cards that have come up in my readings and the cards made it easy to 'get it' when I read the meanings and have studied the card meanings outside of this guide book. Would definitely recommend for the artwork alone and as a good starter deck for anyone interested in learning tarot." — Averey
An oh-so-satisfying 1,000-piece Mystic Maze puzzle
Promising review: "I bought this as a gift for my husband because he absolutely loves puzzles and magic, so it was a no-brainer! I was honestly way more excited to finish putting this puzzle together than a normal puzzle because I couldn’t wait to see the end result. Blown away. I’m super impressed and will be purchasing a different version. Oh, and they weren’t kidding about the no dust in the box...very pleased with this purchase!" — Nlbrimberry
A dimmable sad duck nightlight
Promising review: "I ordered this lamp because of its appearance. I didn't NEED a depressed duck lamp ... but it has totally filled a void in my life I didn't know existed. Everyone who sees it pokes it. The lamp is actually very functional. It's got a really nice set of brightness options and the glow is yellowish, which is much nicer than white in a dim/dark room. One thing that isn't mentioned in the description is that its legs are utterly floppy. It's terrific." — Literated
A set of 32 Starface hydrocolloid pimple patches
Starface World is a small business that specializes in cruelty-free skincare products.

Promising review: "I wouldn’t recommend anything else but these. My pimples always go down without scarring when I wear stars. There’s a cute little mirror in it and there’s so many stars that it will last you a long time." — Jess
Girl Scouts S'mores Seasoning Blend
Promising review: "Paired with the Rice Krispy creamer Coffeemate, it's immaculate. It's so good, a nice cool s’mores taste." — Tasheba w.
A set of six stress-relieving Globbles
Promising review: "Bought a six pack for my neurodivergent family. We are all either ADHD or autistic. I struggle with compulsive hair pulling and bought these to help keep my hands busy. They are the perfect size, more satisfying than a stress ball, clean easily, fun to hurl at the wall or ceiling, and so far have lasted very well. I did test the durability of one and did break one when I pulled it as hard as I could —the inside looks something like shaving cream and didn’t smell or anything. But if you have a kid who is an aggressive chewer, perhaps keep an eye on them." — Amazon customer
A cooling and hydrating under eye stick
Promising review: "I have always had serious dark circles and bags under my eyes and this has really changed this for me. The results are incredible. The puffiness is gone. The dark circles are hardly noticeable. My sensitive skin has not broken out. I never write reviews, but this was so good that I had to write a review. This actually works." — Ben
A set of sex light up bath fizzes
These come in six different scents: lavender, aloe, ocean, rose, milk, and olayer.

Promising review: "Disco in my bath! This product is such a nice distraction from a stressful life! The scents are not overpowering light and soothing, they don’t seem to deposit rings a real plus with a soaker tub! But the best part save the little center bit and set aside for a real party with wine and candles. Sending these out to stressed family now as random pick me ups." — Katrin Sullivan
A retro radio tissue holder
This is compatible with tissues from a small cube box, or just tissues pulled out of the box, not a full size one! Available in three colors.

Promising review: "It's adorable! I currently have it filled with tissues from a small cube box. Works great! Perfect addition to my teal and gold bedroom decor!" — Michelle W.
Jenae Sitzes / BuzzFeed
A plug-in color-shifting mushroom light
Promising review: "I LOVE this night-light. It's in my bathroom and is a lovely addition. It turns off the second the lights go on which is nice that I don't have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. Super cute and the little itty-bitty lighting element does a good job lighting, just enough so I don't have to turn the main lights on in the middle of the night." — 1Thand
A ridiculously charming octopus-shaped blackhead remover
Promising reviews: "I saw this on TikTok, it works great so far." — MarMarManuel

"After just two days of use, this adorable little octopus has done wonders for me, smells great too. Here's how I used it: I wore down the stick just a little to where the texture from the salt is visible, scrubbed around on my face so there was plenty of product, then I used my fingers to gently massage all the gunk away. Rinse, pat dry, and enjoy the softness. Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin like myself." — LuckLocust
A bottle of thermal color-changing nail polish
Cirque Colors is a small Brooklyn-based business specializing in handmade nail polish and nail accessories. Available in two colors.

Promising review: "My favorite nail polish. I was iffy when I first put it on, it seemed an awkward consistency for nail polish...but I was happily surprised. It is matte and dries super fast and after two coats and 10 minutes they were done. I was going to put topcoat over them for a glossier finish, but I ultimately just left them matte. It goes on and dries beautifully, it changes to purple in cold temperatures, and it DOES NOT CHIP OR PEEL like many thermal nail polishes. I washed dishes, gardened, cleaned, and even without topcoat my nails still look perfect. I will definitely be buying more, they're worth the price." — Samantha Martin
A shaker of edible cocktail glitter
Bakel is a small business established in 2016 that specializes in edible glitters for food and drink. Available in 17 colors.

Promising review: "Don’t think any further and just buy it. This was so cool and everyone loved it! I got the clear one because it will go with any drink. I will be the one to put this in all my friends drinks. Also had no taste so it was just the look. Sooooooo cool!" — gigi
A set of eight tiny strawberry candles
Available in red and pink.

Promising review: "These are just the cutest little candles and ever so summery! Their size, appearance, and scent are just like real strawberries. Perfect as little take-home favors or decorations for a backyard picnic!" — M. Milton
Emma Lord / BuzzFeed
A pair of glowing light saber chopsticks
As you can see from the above GIF, I bought these for myself, and I love them to pieces. TBH, I use them as decor every bit as much as I use them to eat. Sometimes I just keep them in my work area to light them up during the day to feel fancy. They toggle back and forth between a bunch of different colors, like red, blue, yellow, purple, and multicolor, so you can either make them match or have a red and blue one together and bring balance to the Force.
A Michael Scott/Prison Mike reversible dishwasher magnet
Promising review: "My whole family is a fan of The Office, so when I was searching for a magnet we could use on our dishwasher, this was the hands-down winner. Does it go with my farmhouse decor? Nope, not at all. But it does get the attention of two teenage boys. Had I gone with something a bit more my decor style, I can guarantee you it would not be as useful. I mean, we all would much rather see Prison Mike staring back at us than suit and tie Michael Scott, right? And there is only one way for that to happen...clean out the dishwasher!" — R. Funk
A pickle wine stopper
Promising review: "I bought this pickle wine stopper for my nephew and his partner. It keeps air out of the bottle with a snug fit and it cleans up easily after use. The fact that they love 'pickle' anything is an added bonus!" — Cynthia
Two spooky skull-shaped ice molds
Pro-tip: these molds also work for making soaps, birthday candles, chocolate, and fondant, covering all your miscellaneous undead needs.

Promising review: "Got these to make ice cubes for a Halloween party. It's very easy to use and easy to clean. The cubes come out perfectly. I'm probably going to try to use it to make chocolate skulls next." — Amazon customer
A book-shaped flower vase
Available in five colors.

Promising review: "The vase was so pretty I bought a second! They're durable and very appealing to the eye. I will be purchasing more." — kayla
A "Gracula" garlic crusher
Promising review: "I love this little guy. I found him on a BuzzFeed list and had to have it as soon as I saw it! I’ve minced as many as five cloves in it in seconds. It’s a little tricky getting all of the garlic out once minced (I use a silicone basting brush to get most of it but I always use more than the recipe calls for anyway so it’s not a deal breaker). Cleanup is a breeze because he goes right in the dishwasher!" — Barbie
A tortilla blanket
Available in seven styles, including waffles and pizza.

Promising review:
"My son (7) loves tacos and I wanted to get him something to soften the quarantine blow and THIS WAS IT! He has had the blanket (so soft!) around him for the past three weeks, pretty much nonstop. Thank you to the makers for letting my son 'become a burrito!'" — VA Resident
A delightfully nonstick smiley face pancake pan
Promising review: "Easy eggs and pancakes. This is a family favorite!! We love cooking with this. It makes breakfast quick and cleanup easy." — Amazon customer
A set of six moisturizing animal-themed sheet masks
Promising review: "Bought as a gift for my mom to take to her girls' weekend trip earlier this year. They were such a hit! I will treasure the picture of six 60-year old women in animal face masks for a long time." — M Kim
A glamorous vintage-style luggage set
Each set comes with a rolling suitcase with telescoping handles and a matching briefcase. Available in three sizes and 11 colors.

Promising review: "If you’re debating whether to get them, do it! They look far more high-end than the price you pay for them, and they’re sturdier than I’d hoped. My daughter also has a set in another color, and she flew to and from Hawaii with them (and their covers) with success. I can’t say enough good things about this set. In fact, I plan to purchase the larger piece for air travel, now that I know that they hold up well, and are roomy and secure." — Lance and Yolanda
A set of 48 removable 3D butterfly stickers
Available in 19 colors and styles.

Promising review:
"SOOO pretty. They come with little sticky adhesives — you get a lot of them for the money and they are beautiful! They make for very cute decoration. Super happy with the purchase, and not to mention it only took like 20 minutes to put all of them up." — Haley Pelletier
A gentle bubbly clay mask
Promising review: "I love this stuff! I received some for a gift and then purchased it for my daughter from Amazon. It feels like a clay mask going on, and then starts bubbling and turns to a thinner substance when it's done. I feel like it is very gentle on my face. My skin feels amazing after I wash it off. It feels like I used moisturizer, even though I did not. I hear that these masks are very popular in Japan." — L. Shea
Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed
Freck Beauty's multidimensional Slimelight highlighter
Freck Beauty is a woman-owned, California-based makeup brand established in 2017 that specializes bold, clean beauty products. Available in two shades.

Promising review: "I consider myself blessed to have been able to try out this powerful, feels-so-good-on-the-skin beauty product. It comes in three highly pigmented shades that complement different skin tones. And depending on the occasion, all three really do work for my darker complexion. Big Bang features a green/gold shimmer, Beam Machine a bronze/pink, and Space Face has a violet/purple hue. I like to think Beam Machine is perfect for an everyday glow, Big Bang for a fancy dinner party, and Space Face for when I know I'm going out out." — Jasmin Sandal, BuzzFeed
A Stealth core trainer that turns exercising into a game
Stealth Fitness is a small business that specializes in unique at-home fitness equipment.

Promising review: "Fantastic purchase to solve the boring plank exercises after a year of doing them. This has a quick, easy, simple hit-it-and-forget-it daily with a game, three minute max, and great results. Much improved core strength, reduce lower back pain, and a high five from my doctor. Highly recommend this for those in need of core build up and help managing the time to fit this into a daily schedule." — James Corey
A three-tiered floor lamp with removable rings
Brightech is a California-based small business that specializes in home lighting.

Promising review: "The light is nice! It’s a unique looking light. I love how it has three different settings so you can adjust the brightness. It fits perfectly with my reading chaise and goes well with the rest of my living room decor. The only con I have is I wish the cord was clear instead of black, it sticks out. Other than that, I love the light. I’d definitely recommend it to others." — Carmelita Joy
A bottle of pet-friendly flavored bubbles
Sniffingtons is a South Carolina-based Etsy shop that specializes in enriching products for dogs and cats. Available in 15 scents.

Promising review: "My pup, Toby, is a 2 1/2-year-old cavalier who loves bubbles. After catching them, he’d often give us an “ewww” look, as they tasted like soap. Until these. He LOVES these bubbles and seems to love the taste of them, too! I will gladly buy these again and continue letting him feed his bubble-obsession in a tasty way! In addition, when I needed help with my order, Ash was so kind and gave me the help I needed! Highly recommend this shop!" — Elizabeth
A retro-style pixel art game Bluetooth speaker
Promising review: "I saw this exact Bluetooth speaker in probably dozens of TikToks before I picked one up myself, and I honestly can't recommend it enough if you like a cutesy aesthetic. The price might seem high for something that kind of sounds like a toy, but the second you pick it up, it's clear this is a high-quality piece of tech with a ton of functionality. Its speakers are powerful, its screen is bright and vibrant, and the companion app is simply packed with all sorts of customization options. There's programmable RGB lighting under the keyboard keys (which are real buttons), and you can pick from a ton of different clock faces as well!" — Jenae Sitzes, Buzzfeed
A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder
Promising review: "So, yes, TikTok made me buy this, but so far I really like it. It's obviously very adorable and offers a charming spot to keep my keys that works with my entryway. I'm really surprised by how strong the hold is for such a small object — I carry my car fob and a few keys and so far it's holding strong. I hung it with Command strips to avoid any potential damage to the wall and I will say make sure it's level as the hold is not so good on an angle (but that was from the original in-hand testing). Definitely recommend and for the price, I'm very tempted to get one for my at-work office." — D. Carter
An "Angry Mama" microwave cleaner that uses vinegar and steam
Promising review: "This product is so amazing, I'm going to get one for all of my children. I am a teacher, and I let my students use my microwave. Usually it takes me half an hour of scrubbing after 31 students have made popcorn, and heated up lunches. This time I used the product, and I literally spent less than one minute just wiping down the microwave!!! I will now keep one in my classroom, and one at my home. A miracle product that actually does what it says, remarkable!!!" — Desiree Barlow
A vibrant button-down blouse
Available in sizes XS–3X and 30 colors.

Promising review
: "This shirt doesn't have a lot of stretch, so I'd advise you to size up. The shirt is very vibrant and colorful and looks just like the picture. I saw it on TikTok, which made me want to get it." — Keia
A Mystical Fire colorant
Promising review: "Mystical Fire Colorant is amazing. For a really fun experience, get some of these for your next camping trip. As if a campfire needs improvement... but this stuff is really neat. I'd say the adults love it even more than the kids. We only used one packet and the colors were so good — seems like they lasted at least 20 minutes. There was even color left in the ashes the next day. We will never go camping again without several packs of Mystical Fire on hand." — TeNe
A set of 10 mini snail tea bag holders
Promising review: "Love these fun little quirky tea slugs. They work on all shapes and sizes of mugs and have brought a smile to all who either used them or were the lucky recipients of their own batch of tea slugs from me. They clean up well with just a quick rinse under the sink and are even fun to use on wine or cocktail glasses to help guests track their drink." — NC
A mini ceramic bathtub planter and soap holder
Available in six colors.

Promising review: "I ordered two of these. One I used as a regular soap dish in my tub. It has holes for drainage which is a plus. I also used it as a cute plant decanter. I placed some succulents in it and voila ... the cutest planter for my bathroom." — Diane Sheehan
A decorative ceramic lips holder
Available in five shades.

Promising review:
"I love this as I’m getting into my super pink era. It’s a nice weight and not easily breakable. It holds a lot of knickknacks too, from lipsticks to trinkets. I also think it’s really cute. Going to get a number of these to put around my home." — Agusta
Penguin Books
Wreck This Journal, a full color journal with prompts
Some of the prompts include one to close the journal and scribble on the edges; another to cut out colors from a magazine and tape them all over the page; another is a "Stain Log," which you can use to classify stains in your life, from red wine to nail polishes to food dyes. Basically, if you turn the page in this journal, odds are it's going to look nothing like it originally did by the time you're through.

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