Ex-Trump Aide Warns Joe Biden Exactly What To Expect Now From Donald Trump

Alyssa Farah Griffin said that Donald Trump will "play dirty" and imagined the campaign ads to come.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was a White House communications director under Donald Trump, warned how the former president and other Republicans are now “going to play dirty” by attacking Joe Biden over a special counsel report on his retention of classified materials.

Robert Hur wrote in his report, released Thursday, that Biden had willfully retained highly classified information but said that criminal charges against the Democratic president were not needed. Hur also drew anger from Biden by questioning the president’s mental fitness.

Farah Griffin told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the report is “a tremendous gift” for Trump, the GOP’s likely 2024 presidential nominee.

“Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have an age issue,” she acknowledged, referring to Trump’s age of 77 and Biden’s age of 81. “They’ve both had gaffes and questions about their mental acuity, but the perception of the two is the real issue here.”

The GOP narrative of Biden being too old for the job is “the single greatest vulnerability” to him winning reelection in November, noted Farah Griffin.

“If I’m writing the ads for the Trump team, they’re going to say, ‘We’re more or less told that Joe Biden would not be mentally competent to sit trial in the case, had this gone to trial,’” she said, referring to Biden’s classified materials probe. “Now, it wasn’t — he was exonerated — but we’re not living in an era of goodwill in politics where we could expect the Republican side to take the high ground. They’re going to play dirty here.”

Farah Griffin added: “They are going to weaponize what we saw in this report about his age. And I’m not sure Biden is prepared to counter it as heavily as he needs to.”

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