34 Cult-Favorite TikTok Beauty Products To Do Yourself A Favor And Buy Already

If you haven't tried this iconic gummy bear lip glow yet, you're in for a treat.
Laneige Lip Glowy Balm, LilyAna Naturals eye cream and rosemary and biotin shampoo.

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A bottle of sulfate-free biotin shampoo
Read more about how biotin shampoo could help with the fullness of hair at Cleveland Clinic.

Maple Holistics is a small business that specializes in beauty products with all-natural ingredients. Check out a TikTok of the biotin shampoo in action.

Promising review: "I love this shampoo! I had gastric sleeve surgery, and my hair was very, very thin. I started taking biotin and switched to biotin shampoo, as recommended by my doctor. It doesn’t make your hair grow by washing it, but it makes your hair and roots stronger. And it worked. After using the whole bottle, my hair was stronger. I had a lot of new growth that was sticking around (the previous new growth fell out early on), and my hair was getting thicker. Eight months later, my hair is back to normal. It's longer and thicker than ever."Diane J. Huff
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
A "flossing toothbrush" with two layers of bristles
Mouthwatchers is a small business established by Ronald Plotka, DDS, that specializes in antimicrobial toothbrushes designed to get deeper cleans even patients with "great" dental hygiene might miss with traditional brush and floss routines.

I've had one of these for awhile and I love it! I usually use an electric toothbrush, but I feel like I'm getting a much more satisfying clean from these?? Especially because I tend to get yellow stains between my teeth no matter how much I floss and these bristles seem to actually target that a lot more effectively. I've switched to using this in the morning and the electric one at night and definitely see a difference in that area in particular.

Promising review: "This was another one of my TikTok purchases! I was skeptical, but my kids hate flossing their teeth so thought this might help in between making them floss. They work amazing! My kids said they could see and feel a difference on the first use, and I agree! They are definitely worth a try! I would suggest not pushing too hard, those tiny bristles really get in there and if you push too hard you might be sore like I was. It felt like after going to a dental cleaning." — Amy N.
A lil' polar bear hydrating eye stick
Check out a TikTok of the polar bear eye stick in action.

Promising review: "I have always had serious dark circles and bags under my eyes and this has really changed this for me. The results are incredible. The puffiness is gone. The dark circles are hardly noticeable. My sensitive skin has not broken out. I never write reviews, but this was so good that I had to write a review. This actually works." — Ben
Laneige lip glowy balm
Promising review: "Laneige lip balm lives up to the TikTok hype. The Gummy Bear scent is awesome. Don't need to constantly reapply because the formula is moisturizing. Definitely will order other scents." — Charlotte T.
A firming eye cream that uses vitamin C
Promising review: "Incredible product! Still cannot believe what a difference it has made in the lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I use it twice a day, and actually use it for my entire face and my neck. My skin feels so soft, and lines are disappearing." — Melissa

"Absolutely love this eye cream. I was looking for an eye cream and saw the video on TikTok and decided to give it a try. I have been using for a couple months and already can see a difference. A little goes a long way. I put a small amount on my finger and tap around my entire eye and then any extra I put on the back of my hand to help smooth my skin there. Definitely worth the money!" — SLRottweiler
COSRX snail mucin serum
I use this on my skin and definitely have noticed results! While it didn't help completely kick my stubborn pre-period hormonal acne, it has done wonders with reducing redness on my face, particularly around my nose and in dealing with my pores. Since I started using it, my primer and foundation goes on a whole lot smoother and I'm struggling a whole lot less to cover my pores. After using it a few weeks, I read the advice of one reviewer to put this on when your face is slightly moist from washing, rub it in, let it dry and then put your moisturizer on top of it — I've found that it's what got me the best results!

Promising review: "I caved to the TikTok hype and now I am obsessed, lol! I have extremely sensitive skin but this was the first product that I didn’t have to go through a 'getting used to' phase." — Shelby
Plus COSRX's snail mucin moisturizer
To use as intended, apply the moisturizer after the snail repairing essence has dried on your face in your skincare routine.

Check out a TikTok of the snail mucin moisturizer in action.

Promising review: "I don’t think I will use anything else! When I tell you this product makes my skin so soft and so even, it’s an understatement! My skin is usually very dry, oily (acne-prone), and super sensitive, so it’s really hard for me to find something that can be hydrating but gentle at the same time. The product itself is creamy/slime consistency, and sometimes you do have to work it in a little bit to absorb. After about 5-10 min, the product fully absorbs, and you’re all set! I use it after I apply their brand of hyaluronic acid." — May
A pack of unscented antiperspirant wipes
Psst — you should definitely "patch test" this on a small area of skin before putting it on to ensure you don't have any reaction!

Promising review: "Was pretty skeptical. Bought it and it’s changed my life. First use and I did not sweat, at all, for probably a week. I had already been using Lume deodorant for a few years now and was looking for something else as I felt I’m building a resistance to it. I should’ve been using this to begin with. Second application I applied to other areas of my body, zero sweat. Amazed." — Hanna L. Hetz

"I saw this product on TikTok and I decided to give it a shot since it was only like $20 for 10 wipes (that's 10 weeks, 2.5 months) of no underarm sweat. It worked! I was so happy to finally be able to wear all the shirts I own that are not black!" — Nes172011
A popular foot exfoliant peel reviewers swear by
Soft Touch is a small business that specializes in personal care products for feet.

Promising review: "I was dubious at first, having seen this on TikTok. I can now confirm that it works as directed and the results are amazing. Twenty-four hours after I soaked my feet in the plastic bag, nothing happened. Then 48 hours later it started working. Seventy-two hours and it was in full working mode. Like other reviewers, I also suggest just letting the skin come off naturally. The shedding lasts for a few days. Results are incredible. Will use this again!"Vanessa
A Benzene-free, travel-friendly applicator of I Dew Care's dry shampoo powder
Check out a TikTok of the dry shampoo in action.

Promising review: "I've had the best results from this dry shampoo than any other. It's a small container, but it lasts a very long time because a little really does go a long way! I also do this the night before so the powder-y look goes away by morning and it's more absorbed, you can also add a light oil to your ends and work it up if it feels too dry. There's no scent either and it is very convenient for travel! This is the only thing that still makes my hair look 'clean' on the no hair wash days!" — Alice
CeraVe Resurfacing retinol serum
Promising review: "I am very pleasantly surprised with the results of this so far! I'm in my mid-40s and fair-skinned. Sun damage and age spots were starting to take over my complexion. I've tried so many expensive creams, serums, facials, etc, with little results. Decided to try this based on the number of reviews, and I was not disappointed. After less than a week of using this in combo with their morning facial moisturizer with SPF, I already see a noticeable difference. My skin is hydrated so much softer, and I can actually see the discoloration fading! I am shocked." — KMC

"I saw a dermatologist on TikTok who raved about this product and tried it out, and it's been the most amazing stuff! It's helped my face to clear up very quickly, removing all of the blemish spots and dark spots around my face. It's been one of the best products I've added to my face routine." — Successful Solo
Essence's Lash Princess mascara
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
Hello, that is my face above, because I bought into the hype of all the 5-star reviews and now I will never look back!! Putting it on is like giving my eyelashes butterfly wings. It doesn't get clumpy, it stays put no matter how much you sweat and you can apply it on very lightly if you don't want it to look so dramatic, or continue applying for longer lashes each time.

Promising review: "Saw this product on TikTok and thought it would be expensive looking at the results they got. I am beyond amazed with how my lashes look after about two coats. For around $5 you couldn’t ask for a better mascara! I will be buying this same one when I run out. I was not expecting to like it as much as I do! No complaints." — Kd
Plus Essence's Volume Booster lash primer
Just be sure to wait 30 seconds after application to layer your mascara to get the full effect!

Promising review: "Saw this primer recommended on TikToks and they were right. Let it dry before mascara application, and it does wonders. Adds volume! Stays all day." — JC
The internet-famous Revlon oil-absorbing volcanic face roller
Promising review: "First off, if you have extremely oily skin, this. is. it. I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face. I saw this on TikTok and NEEDED it. It was back-ordered, but then I got an email saying it was in stock, and I was SO excited. Not only is it affordable, but it's washable, which helps you save money and be less wasteful." — Kelsey B.
A pack of cult-favorite Clean Skin Club clean towels
Clean Skin Club is a US-based small business specializing in hygienic, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products.

Promising review: "I absolutely love these. I saw these on TikTok and bought them. I will be buying more. They are great for my face. Really soft and VERY durable and strong, even when wet. You can wash your face [with it] or just dry your face, either way, it’s the best option." — Sahara
A pack of the internet-beloved Mighty Patch pimple spot treatment
Promising review: "I heard all about these on TikTok so I decided to order. I switched my birth control and was having a ton of breakouts, these are amazing! They helped me stop picking at my face and my skin is so clear now. Will always have these in my house from now on!" — Kiara Galloway
Thank Me Later eyeshadow base
Promising review: "So let me start by saying I have used nearly every eyeshadow primer available. From high end to low...they don't hold a candle to Thank Me Later. I have very oily skin. Using this primer, shadow lasts a full eight hours or more. I could get maybe five or six out of the other brands if I was lucky. I got this as a sample in my Ipsy bag, and I had to buy the full-size product straight away! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you, Elizabeth Mott, for finally making a primer that lasts! I love this stuff!" — Melissa Mae

"Saw this used by a makeup artist on TikTok giving a tutorial for women over 40. Totally changed how my eyeshadow works. No clumping or crease lines!" — wo1995
A bottle of Elizavecca hair treatment, an Olaplex-like repairing mask
This is designed to work on all hair types, with reviewers with 2b–4c curls mentioning it worked for them!

Promising review: "I have tried everything on the market to fix my damaged, bleached hair that keeps breaking off. I stumbled across this hair treatment on TikTok. I had never heard of it before but decided to give it a try. I used it for the first time yesterday and I couldn't believe how amazing it made my hair feel and look. It's sooo soft, shiny, bouncy and nourished. My bleached rat's nest now looks and feels like hair again. Even my boyfriend noticed a huge difference in my hair. I’m going to buy a lot more of this product. I’ve been really frustrated about my hair for years now because of all the damage. Now I can finally relax and enjoy my new hair." — Eline
A ridiculously charming octopus-shaped blackhead remover
Promising review: "I saw this on TikTok, it works great so far." — MarMarManuel

"After just two days of use, this adorable little octopus has done wonders for me, smells great too. Here's how I used it: I wore down the stick just a little to where the texture from the salt is visible, scrubbed around on my face so there was plenty of product, then I used my fingers to gently massage all the gunk away. Rinse, pat dry, and enjoy the softness. Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin like myself." — LuckLocust
A bottle of Nyx matte setting spray
Promising review: "This stuff is amazing, especially for the price. I have very oily skin, and no matter what I used to do, my makeup would get smeared by midday. I bought this, and it made such a big difference. I usually spritz it all over my face after applying foundation and then again after finishing my eyeshadow (before mascara, though). My foundation stays in place and my eyeshadow remains perfect until I take it off at night...no creased or anything. I love this product and hope they never stop making it." — Betchaan

"I saw this on TikTok and thought it was a waste of money until I tried it, and it works. It locks in your makeup. You just have to make sure your makeup is perfect and then spray your face." — Mary
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, a cult-favorite moisturizing body lotion
Promising review: "Like so many, I was brainwashed by TikTok into buying this rather expensive lotion...then I bought one for my mom and one for my sister and five more for myself as they became harder to find. My favorite thing about it is the smell. Lightly tropical/coconutty but nothing overwhelming. Every time I wear it people say, 'What are you WEARING?' like I have some amazing perfume on. Besides that, it really is a great moisturizer. I’m not usually a sucker for marketing but this was so worth it." — Kristen
A painless, mint-flavored teeth-whitening pen
Promising review: "I have to say, I was skeptical about this product from all the TikTok hype about it but after trying it out, it really does work. I’ve used whitening strips before but those usually hurt my sensitive teeth and I hate the taste of some of the other gels on the market but this one was super easy and didn’t hurt my teeth at all and didn’t taste much different than my regular toothpaste, since I got the mint-flavored one. I used it for a few weeks before my brother’s wedding and it worked like a charm. I noticed visible results in only a couple of days and was able to keep using it until I reached my desired shade of white. 10/10 would recommend for anyone with sensitive teeth and tastes!" — Victoria Bravo
First Aid Beauty's KP Bump Eraser body scrub
First Aid Beauty is a US-based small business that specializes in clean, fragrance-free, cruelty-free personal care products.

Promising review: "I saw this on TikTok and Instagram. I decided to try it and it really works. I used it on my thighs and upper arms. I noticed a difference the first time and even more the second time!!! Fabulous product. Worth every penny." — Lana
A set of satin pillowcases
Promising review: "My hair has never been better! I got this because of TikTok and it has done wonders for my hair. My hair isn’t frizzy or dull looking when I get up in the morning." — Aaron Key
An ultra-fine continuous water mister
Promising review: "Another amazing product TikTok made me buy. Was looking for something for when I wet my hair in the mornings. My old typical spray bottles kept breaking or leaking. This one has a longer spray time and the mist is perfect when I don’t want to get my hair too wet. All in all worth it especially for the price." — M. Zuniga
A set of itty-bitty dermaplaning razors
This tool also helps soften skin by gently exfoliating as you use it!

Promising review: "I saw these on TikTok and was skeptical but they work so well. I use them for any facial peach fuzz and to shape my eyebrows and they're perfect." — Megan Kopicko
A suuuper-popular Bio-Oil made with vitamins A and E, chamomile, and lavender
FWIW re: scars, though, this stuff really works. I had thyroid surgery a few years ago and Bio-Oil took me from looking like I'd stumbled out of the Red Wedding to virtually no detectable scar within a few months. All I did was apply it once in the morning and once at night.

Promising review: "Acne scars? Read this. I found out about this product while scrolling through TikTok last week. It came highly recommended, so I decided to look up the price on Amazon. After reading several reviews, I figured I might as well try it out. Today is the fourth day I use the product on my face. My skin looks dewy and nice. The discoloration on my cheeks from a few years old acne scars is improving. My skin looks younger — it’s hard to describe, but I can see a difference. It looks less rough. I’ve been using it morning and night." — Yasmin Rodriguez
A bottle of Fanola "No Yellow" purple shampoo
Promising review: "I LOVE THIS!! When I get my hair highlighted, I always use another purple shampoo and it never works for my hair at all. So I wanted to try this (thanks to TikTok). And I am not disappointed. My super yellow hair turned the blonde I wanted within one use, and I have used it more often and it just lightens it more and more. But beware it can stain hands so rinse your hands after!" — jillian lee
A RobeCurls heatless hair curler
Emikeni is a woman-founded small business that specializes in heatless hair curling tools. This rod is designed to work with all hair types, with tutorials included on their site!

Promising review: "WOW!!!!! I can’t believe how well this works!!! I’ve seen this all over Instagram and TikTok, and wanted to try it. It’s so easy to put in, takes about a minute or two. Comfortable to sleep in. Then, you take it out, and it looks like you put all this effort into doing your hair. The curls turned out gorgeous, I’m so impressed!!" — Katie Oswalt
Wet n Wild's Megaglo Blushlighter, the ultimate in two-for-one deals
Promising review: "For the price, this is an amazing highlighter. I heard about it on TikTok and I decided to try it out. I love it! Definitely recommend for an alternative highlighter if you’re not trying to spend a lot of money." — Salina
Eyeshadow color removal sponges
Here's what BuzzFeeder Jenae Sitzes has to say about it: "I picked up this color removal sponge from Amazon after hearing about this hack on TikTok and can testify that it actually works SO well. I'm so bad about cleaning my brushes (I know...shameful) and this makes it super easy to clean a brush in a matter of seconds. So even if I'm trying to do a slightly more elaborate eyeshadow look for the day, this makes the process of switching colors as quick and painless as possible. Also, it's super lightweight, and I've already tossed it in my bag and brought it on vacation with me. This is one of those products I won't be traveling without in the future if I plan on doing eyeshadow at any point — and it means you only need to pack one or two eyeshadow brushes!"

Promising review: "This product makes it even easier for me to be lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes. It also allows me to use the same brush for a makeup look since I can swish away a previous shadow and move on to the next. Great buy. Super easy to wash. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, but when I do finally travel again, I'm sure this will be excellent to travel with and make it so that I only need to bring one or two brushes." — Azaleah Bumpus-Barnett
A tin of Cirepil blue wax beads
Promising review: "Best wax ever. I saw this on someone's TikTok and as a first timer I was easily impressed on how easy this was to spread and remove." — L
A stick of Body Glide anti-chafing balm
BodyGlide is a small business that specializes in chafe-preventing personal care products.

I swear by this to the point where if I can't find it in the morning on a run, I just won't go out, LOLOL. My boobs chafe SO BADLY under my sports bra bands, no matter what kind I'm wearing, but putting on a tiny bit of this before I leave works like a charm. Absolutely no more friction and no more going "OW OW OW" in the shower because my literal boob wounds were stinging.

Promising review: "This was a TikTok buy and it was worth it. Highly recommend it. It does the work. Long lasting and not sticky at all." — EBATL
An E.l.f. multistick here to win the award for Doing The Absolute Most
Promising review: "I love this product! Whenever I’m on TikTok I tend to be influenced by a number of people who say that a certain product is very good, hence me buying this. I just started diving into the world of makeup and I can’t get out. Anyway, about the product: I have very sensitive skin so I was pleasantly surprised. It’s also smooth and thin, which is always a plus :)." — Jude

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