Dogs representing the top teams in the hockey league will get a chance to rollick around the rink in a TV special next month.
The two-time Grammy winner compared the buzz for Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold 'Em” to his breakout smash, “Old Town Road.”
In a recent episode of his podcast, "It Is What It Is," the Dipset rapper discussed why he responded the way he did in his conversation with anchor Abby Phillip.
The internet didn’t pull its punches after the actor was spotted in a bizarre hat during filming for “And Just Like That.”
Social media users were suspicious of the Rock’s intentions after A24 released a still of him as MMA star Mark Kerr in “The Smashing Machine.”
The former "Seinfeld" star said the Black man who told him he "wasn’t funny" echoed his own anxiety. "I felt put down. I wanted to put him down."
The WhatsApp group, which included actors Andrew Scott and Joe Alwyn, is thought to be the inspiration for Swift's most recent album title.
Henry Cavill portrayed the character in Netflix’s fantasy-drama since Season 1 but will be replaced by the “Hunger Games” alum in Season 4.
“The world felt like it was closing in,” the actor said of rising to stardom.
The Oscar winner made the questionable statement at a news conference during the Cannes Film Festival.