The cookbook author said that she's focused on protecting her "peace" during her current pregnancy.
The "Cruel Intentions" star apologized last month for a comment in which she “conflated Muslims with Radical Islamists and fundamentalists.”
Filmmaker Stephen Gaghan said he received a phone call about the tragic death from the "Brokeback Mountain" star's father.
The “Pose” actor previously revealed his mother suffered from a degenerative neurological disorder that relegated her to a wheelchair in her later years.
The singer's "Monster-in-Law" co-star offered some urgent marriage advice in a phone call captured in Lopez's new documentary.
"Help her, she can't move!" Donatella Versace says in a video as she watches the actor attempt to sit down.
The Oscar-nominated "What Was I Made For?" singer made the surprising revelation in an interview.
The New York native, who said he's not voting for Trump, explained why he owns a pair of the former president's $399 high-tops.